The future of the school’s Fabiano de Paula, concerned for the player: ‘next year is anybody’s guess’


The Mentor of the social project in Rocinha, the professional tennis player Fabiano de Paula is concerned about the future of the school that bears his name. Due to the economic downturn, with the strongest impact on the state of Rio de Janeiro, the athletes don’t know whether you consider be able to the year 2018, the support, the help, the project.

“The next year is anyone’s guess,” said Fabiano de Paula, a 28-year-old. “We try to keep one or two of the teachers, a person for the Department of social welfare”. The school of about 80 children is a Route on the basis of the support of the Institute, the Tennis courts are currently in and the Bank, and to Open out the river, and with the support of the secretary of state of the state, the sports, leisure and youth.

The school’s Fabiano de Paula, in the year 2015, when the world decided to take advantage of the indoor clay courts, which is in disarray in the Rocinha favela, the children from the community and the sport. “The goal was never to train the players, but to teach in the education and discipline to young boys and girls,” said the athlete, who is also in the area lives. “The school makes the child think that it is a different life, a better future.”

It also relies on donations and the help of friends to sustain the project. Personally, for a current of 143.No ranking in doubles on the ATP, in order to keep financial aid you in the loop professionally. The event, which is going to be a father in December, he trained at the Tennis Route, with the coach “, Like the bushes, the you also with Thiago Monteiro and Beatriz Haddad Maia, two of the top players in Brazil.