The mother of Beyonce gives you a lesson in the dance masterfully, his daughter (64 years)


Tina Kowles, the mother Beyoncé, she is ready in the fourth dancer to those famous ‘Single Ladies’ was made popular by her daughter a few years ago and was now in a in terms of aesthetics, melodic, and choreography.

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The woman, 64 years, uploaded a video on their social networks, since almost 2.5 million views and more than ten thousand comments. The video was accompanied by a text in which the mother-in-law Jay-Z you write: “This is my dance with Blue! You win me of course. We invent a dance step the original. My strange movement in the shoulder was my contribution. I know that is for you always, but my opponent has only 6 years. You win!”, expressed. The topic sounds, the background is ‘going apeshit’, in which Beyoncé sings with her husband and the video was taken in the Louvre museum.

The video of seen, as we can understand, where has brought the pace of the excomponente Destiny’s Child that it has made so popular by his voice as well as his explosive choreographies have been copied and parodiadas sick of it, especially the video to “Single Ladies’ that have, in fact, international versions (with Justin Timberlake– ) and national (with David Bustamante, Manel Fuentes and Arturo Valls).

Valls, Bustamante and sources, parodying the theme of 'Single Ladies'. (Antenna 3)
Valls, Bustamante and sources, parodying the theme of ‘Single Ladies’. (Antenna 3)

The mother Beyoncé it is not the only one that has been proven in networks of that saying is so popular, which ensures that ‘such a stick, such as his father’. In front of her, the mother of another pop diva stepped forward and showed the world that her daughter, Jennifer Lopezinherited their rotation in the hip. Guadalupe Fernandezso the mother is the JLoenjoy a concert of his daughter, in the parterre of the theatre, if they stopped the show and invited them on the stage come to it to enjoy together. The surprise and the applause of the audience was written.