The surprising decision by Orlando Bloom, before you go to Katy Perry


After Katy announced Perry, your pregnancy, the last thing we expected was to know that Orlando Bloom had decided to be celibate for 6 months to learn before you know it.

Orlando has this amazing commitment Sunday Times and admitted that after crossing a time of existential crisis that was not a hundred percent happy, a friend suggested to him to try and celibacy: “If you want to take you seriously in a relationship sees celibacy for a few months and find it out“.

The actor added: “he takes Me the idea to go to a party and think: ‘who will I meet?’ Suddenly I said to myself: ‘Oh, can I have a relationship with a woman, that it’s just a friend‘”so perked up and tried his luck.

Bloom acknowledged that this step will take in the first moment would be three months and will be extended, while three more: “Really enjoyed it, like me in connection with women and with the female in me. I know it sounds crazy.”

When he was asked at the cinema for adults, expressed his opinion freely on the grounds that they seem “super annoying“for your life and your sexual libido and, in addition, he confessed to it not you masturbated during this time. “Everything completely. It was a madness. Do not think that it is healthy. I don’t think that outside is advisable. Must remain in motion,” he said.