The Weeknd deleted song Selena Gomez dedicated


A week ago, the name of The Weeknd sound from all sides, because the interpreter had announced his return to the world of music, however their return was not the way his followers expected.

The interpreter canadian released two new singles graduates ‘Blinding lights‘and ‘Heartless‘but not for Selena Gomez, even, it seems, the song was the ex-star of Disney, ever see the light, because the website ASCAP (American Association of composers, authors and publishers) from your list the song previously have registered a musician, which would be under the name of ‘Like Selena‘.

Not a song for Selena, but for Bella Hadid

In spite of the great disappointment, the surprise, the followers of the two artists, the musicians have succeeded in ‘Heartless‘, quite simply, it is estimated, is dedicated to, another of his ex-pairs, and model Bella Hadid.

To say the fans of the musician, The Weeknd found inspiration for his new song about their relationship, the endless Bella Hadidso as they formally their engagement in the year 2015, the stars and back, countless times.


It is estimated that this new single describes the ratio of the canadian to the American, because lines such as “Thousands of models, fading, try to love me, but no one has managed to get on the pulse of the time”, and “Regresaste my life, you give up you never (why?); I’ll never know what you see”, referring to the multiple separated from the model.