Video of the villa by Jennifer Lopez, where she happens is the quarantine by the coronavirus


Jennifer Lopez is one of the artists who followed, have a responsibility preventive quarantine called to the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, the country where she lives together with her two children and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

On your Instagram is always asked to motivate their followers all possible precautions to stay safe and avoid the contagion with social distance.

The villa of Jennifer Lopez, where she relaxed in quarantine,

And showed that even at home you. well the time with banter between the family The actress and singer 50 years, she shared a video of her son Max pretends to be a waiter, take a soda to the ex de bolivia riding on a skateboard.

“We can’t leave, no restaurant, but the service and the entertainment are great #StaySafe”, wrote the artist in the release of the publication, the quickly get viral among his fans.

“Who wants to quarantine in the house of J. Lo?”, the user @_sydneytee, beneidend a little the estate of the artist asked.

In the video, there are large Windows around his house, enters, the a lot of light into the interior.

In addition, the large terrace with lawn and lush vegetation, as well as the large pool where the whole family can relax at the end of the day. At the end of the video, Max what jumps into the water, the great life they lead the children to the artists.

In a previous post, J. It has ceased to see, like the inside of your house: the decor is very white, the light and spaciousness in the rooms.

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Lamps observed by a modern design and different colorful illustrations give life to the walls.

And even if it is full of luxury, also has an area for homework, in addition to the twins.

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