Challenge dial: you Know, to identify, the signature is Small or Shakira?


You say that through a signature, you will discover the personality of the person that it your to. Good, because this week in the Challenge Dial have invested in the task, and to know our artists know so well, then tap out which of the options we give you, is your true signature.

The strokes, the short, rounded, heart, showing, tenderness… tap be placed, to carry crime, in the style of Sherlock Holmes, and the region on this adventure. ¿Te animas? The next one is!

Small, Laura Pausini, Shakira, Carlos Baute, Thalia… Sure that you will be able to reproduce the signature from your favorite artist, because you have all your albums signed, or because you have a autograph of you with much love.

Anyway, in this game, not about the memory of your hard drive or signed autographs, but rather, try to find out by dashes, which is the actual signature of the artist in question.

How many have you met? You’re a great detective? Share with us on social networks an item signed by your favorite artist and you think that your signature, he reveals.

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