Communication peripherals together in a national coalition to combat the pandemic, a suburb on the move


We are in the face of a pandemic. The word itself sounds strange, a lot of people, and all that applies to it for the rear as well.

Covid-19, which we all know, for coronaviruses, Brazil and its effects are real. There are the infected and be killed.

The biggest problems for the Federal, state, and local-include timidly still – they have announced-and a set of actions to which the entire population of the country and the need to do it to us.

However, once again, in the poor districts, slums, ghettos, labor, rally, and the entire population on the edges of your own destiny are at the mercy of.

Let’s start with the basics: wash your hands! This was a recommendation for the width. How is it possible that this is actually happening, to avoid contamination of the quebrada, and in the favelas are out of the water?

The government and various organizations show that the social isolation as the most important means of prevention of the disease. It is not allowed in our reality.

Outside, the chambermaid, the porter, the driver, the app is, the delivery, the worker is informal, it needs to be there on the busa and in the subway, selling their products to bring income into the home, or the local distributor, not either pause their activities.

As much as our heads are ready to follow the steps of what wonders mankind and let each and every one of these professionals in the practice of the insulation, and are still paying his wages?

Be it at home, occasionally, perhaps not synonymous with a lack of income. If that is the case, how can we ensure that the population in the periphery to buy even a single alcohol in the gel, to aid in the prevention of the pollution? To help if the government is going to break the big companies, it will help you in the Slums pay your bills for you, also? It will not help to break the old lady selling umbrellas on the corner, it?

The focus is now on the efforts to contain the spread of the disease. It is trying to do with the number of the infected, you can use the in-patient care in a progressive and, at the same time, to avoid a collapse of the sistema único de Saúde (unified health system-SUS), the so neglected and abandoned by the government, but it is so necessary, and is a milestone in the fight against everything that’s to come, in order to contain the Covid-19), the coronavirus. 80% of the users of the unified health system-SUS, the black and the black.

In the face of so many recommendations to the periphery, even if it does not participate in the worst-affected Region-might be able and learn how to really, really need it. We need to know how to show that paths that actually take you out of our realities to consider.

This is where you come in. We, the communicators, peripherals and peripheral parts of the country, we will join in the efforts to cooperation with the information are correct and that you have to achieve your. We need to be able to inform you, our children, our youth, our elders, our fathers, mothers, and members of the family. From the USA to the USA.

So, we have launched a national coalition to combat the coronavirus on the front #CoronaNasPeriferias

The signing of this letter.


Priscilla Castro (the Collective We, We (to GO)

Marcelo Vinicius de moraes – a Collective Action (DF)

Tony, Marlon and I, Campo Limpo, SP

Thiago Borges, of I the the periphery in movement, Grajaú, SP, Brazil

Thais Johnson – Plays, And I Wind Garden, Angela (BRAZIL)

By Ronaldo Mattos – Takes, And I’m Not curled up in a ball, Jardim Ângela (BRAZIL)

Mariana, Gabriel, Parelheiros-SP

Simone Freire -souls of Black / White-rich – Shelter (BRAZIL)

The Kings think – the Black Empire – Shelter (BRAZIL)

Wallace’s Moral voices from the periphery (BRAZIL)

For You. – Voices from the periphery (BRAZIL)

Antonio, Welcome to the Institute for the Cultural Collective Semifusa Ribeirão das Neves, minas gerais.

The law for Collective speech, Akari, rio de janeiro

Peter’s style – a collective of bread-and-ink / journalists on free EP)

Tainá Oliveira-Barral – The bowl, the producer of culture (PA.)

Kalyne Lima – Vila Manoel Satiro – Media-free (CE)

But Many strong-willed, school-Free, Harm-Reduction ” (EP)

Bruno Sousa is a section of The axis, Brazil, Favela Jacarezinho (rio de janeiro)

Peter Bennett – soul of Black (BRAZIL)

Raull Santiago, a Collective Chat with the Straight, rio de janeiro

Gizele Martins, a Collective TIDE 0800, rio de janeiro

Joseph Cicero – – DiCampana photo Collective (BRAZIL)

Lucas Barbosa is a Plant from the values of (RJ, SP, BA, PE);

Of law of Lisbon, In the Plant of the values of (RJ, SP, BA, PE);

Liv Rodrigues) – Paraisópolis (são paulo)

The Hercog – CBCOM, and the network Around it (BA)

Adriana Geronimo – JBD Lagamar, Fortaleza-ceará (CE)

Rebekah’s diary Embark on a law – Jd. Angela ( BRAZIL)

Rosalvo Neto, Institute of Ethnic media, E-Mail add-on (BA)

Wellington-in Celebration of the periphery in the focus of Belém do Pará (PA)

Jean Alexander – the Agency, the journalism of the suburbs (SP)

Renato Silva Favela in the Agenda of rio de janeiro

Alex Hercog – CBCom, BA

Lucas Abreu, Antonio – Jaçanã-SP (brazil)

Rick (Trinity, Rt (T)

Clare Bishop – The peace movement in the suburbs: a family, MP3 – Teresina (PI)

Riviane Lucena – board on the Right side (SP)

Jessica Moreira – We, the women, on the periphery (SP)

Jefferson’s Republic – PerifaConnection – to-Speech in the lowlands (rio de janeiro)

Michel Smith talks about the garden (rio de janeiro)

Daiene Mendes, it is the Slum on the Agenda (rio de janeiro)

Tiê – the voice of the European communities (rio de janeiro)

Biatriz-saints – collective-youth-Black-face-Black – Camaragibe (BRAZIL)

Rodrigo Gonçalves, Benevenuto – collective-Save the Kebrada (BRAZIL)

Lola blacksmith – Mage, Baixada Fluminense (rio de janeiro)

Amanda Pine, Speaks For The Garden – Rocinha (Rio De Janeiro)

Eloi Leone – data_labe – Rio de Janeiro.

By Marcelo Rocha, São Paulo, Brazil, in the view of the builds There (BRAZIL)

Mirian Fonseca, municipality of Lauro de Freitas, CBCOM, BA

Anderson Menezes – Agency, the journalism of the suburbs (SP)

Miller Smith – NGO-to-interference (Capão Redondo – são paulo)

Mariana Assis – the voice of the European communities (rio de janeiro)

Yane Mendes – Network-Ruckus – Recife (Brazil)

Natalia Bezerra, Recife (state of pernambuco)

Such sales of De – Cine-e-Rock – Rio das Pedras (rio de janeiro)

Walter Oliveira da Silva, ” a collective of young Tapajônico – Caranazal, Denver (PA.)

Gabriel Santos – the motion Afronte – the Alternative design for the girls and the boys on the road – Erê village of Brejal, Maceió (AL)

Jusciane Of The Rock, Bethlehem, Pa)

Home-Laurent – maze-Agency-the flood (rio de janeiro)

Aline Rodrigues – periphery-movement (SP)

Jessica Ipolito – magazine-Yes – Salvador, BAHIA, Brazil

Anisio, the maze Agency and the flood (rio de janeiro)Were –

Livia Lima, the Us women on the periphery (SP)

Enderson Araujo – media-and-peripheral (BA)

Jane Pine-wood – maze-Agency and the flood (rio de janeiro)

Aerial View Of Thin – Capão Redondo In São Paulo

Maria Teixeira – the hill, the frog, in the Baixada Fluminense (rio de janeiro)



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