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The singer Miley Cyrus are already a number of interviews through your Instagram Live called “Bright-Minded: Live with Miley” with the aim of coping with the quarantine by coronavirus (COVID-19).

For the entertainment of their fans, the social isolation, the interpreter, “Wrecking ball” – broadcasts every evening, a youtube video in its latest issue, the singer spoke with Demi Lovato, your partner’s career and a girlfriend from childhood.

“I’m very excited and I think my fans and the fans feel the same. ‘Bright-Minded,” live with Miley just came to a whole new level, one of the women, most inspiring that I have the honor to call friend for the last 15 years, in my program Live Calls… he will bring that purpose to light (for) a moment in the dark, and all of you crazy. Demi Lovato is my program in the morning and we talk about opportunities, remains strong, optimistic and eager to help by holding exercise, which is used to active, a bright mind”, overtook Cyrus in your social networks.

In this case, the two celebrities of the music, talked about their long friendship, until their puberty will be. The subject came up at the exprotagonista of “Hannah Montana,” he recalled, what happened after their famous appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 with Robin Thicke.

“Basically, I have two or three years spent without able to wear with shorts. I wear skirts on stage, and all this shit, because after the VMAs and worn have to compare those bodi color of meat began so beautifully, the whole world with a Turkey and painting began, a Turkey on my bodi,” recalls Cyrus. “I was so thin and so pale, and they followed colocándome in addition to the Turkey, and I felt so bad, that I turned around, put on a bikini for two years, but no one thought I could be, I felt so”.

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“I think that was so hard, because my brand has always been to apologize and to be sure, and worst of all, you could feel it, that I him, my fans, or as a fraud,” added the singer.

In this time, it was when Demi came to her rescue. “Before anything, it makes me very sad, that you everything. I had no idea,” Lovato said. “I wish I’d been there, but knew nothing, and I feel that we in the times we are more in the vicinity, the one from the other, and the distance, but that’s okay, because that’s what the girlfriends. I wish I could be there for you. But if this happen again, you should prefer to me”said the artist of 27 years.

“Life goes very quickly and is normally difficult, and appreciate the people in our lives. You’re that person for me for many years and we have been friends for a long time. We can not speak of, while very a lot of time, but after terrible things happen, and I know you’re the person I want to talk to. In difficult times, it is important that communication with these people, the lights. I believe that you connected to, but we live in a crisis. I think she always had a lot of light and that is the reason for this is that the connection to the age of 14 years,” he said.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato performed live together during the quarantine of Covid-19. (Video: Instagram official)