Epic Games wants to fight with the Commission, by Google and Apple. Plans for the Fortnite in Google Play


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If a company has an Alternative, it must not be the rates to pay a dealer. You can always use other solutions. Epic Games is working so far, but has a view to the special treatment by Google.

The most profitable game in the world of battle royale, that is Fortnite from Epic Games, is on multiple consoles, computers and Mobile equipment. Still Android users you need to download the installation file APK from the manufacturer. Epic Games doesn’t like the revenue with Google share. The company changes the model of the spread, but a special treatment.

Epic gets everything on Android, negates Google Play

Google receives for mikrotransakcje applications on the Google Play 30%. of the Commission. This is a lot or a little? You need to even answer this question. The competition with the best conditions (but not so great selection), but also similar (Apple gets 30 percent) occurs. Fortnite production is free of charge, however, Epic Games has made millions on the sale of the optional cosmetic additives.

To counter exchange of salaries, Epic so far, he has a different model, but as it is Business InsiderUncertainty Play Store could be one of the causes of incidents with the seizure of control over the mobile players. Google might not offer perfect protection, but to welcome each and every additional Element in the fight against the Cyber criminals.

And so the Revolution in the commissions can?

Epic Games has officially confirmed that at the end you want to game at Google Play, but other rules than the Standard 30. of the Commission. President, Epica, Tim Sweeney said:

Epic does not target a specific output only for themselves, but rather we expect that, in General, changes in the practices of the business smartfonowego.

Or is it a completely true statement? You remember the aggressive policy of the wykupowania games exclusive from Epic Games Store. The company offers a smaller Commission than Google, and even additional funding in exchange for the absence of the publication of the names of the competition. Shop Sweeney, he is not very loved by players, although only a few people can not do without the games you like, because you can buy it on Steam or GOG.

No less, a few months ago, Tim Sweeney said that it leads to a Plan for the collection of the games exclusivity, if Valve margins to be reduced to Steam. Rozważyłby then publish your production on Steam. Nothing happens, and the two companies remained in their diet and how to the business.

Commission is one thing, quality is also important

But remember that Epic criticism for the poor quality and little features on its platform. You can not love Steam and its aspirations monopolists, although no one recognized, what in regards to the quality and the possibilities, this solution is worse or even equal with the Epic Games Store. The Situation is improving, but a lot of time to pass before the ecosystem Epica, in this respect, is capable of.

Like now, in Sweeney’s words, believes that Google needs a disproportionate amount for their services and “30%. Fees is illegal in the case of the Mailing platform, with more than 50%. the market of the shares”? The fact, lower commissions and you use it in Domination, there is a healthy industry, the rules are more than Fair, but no one requires the companies to benefit from Steam, Google Play, Epic Games Store or other platforms on Windows and Android.


For 9to5 GoogleEpic Games don’t have to pay Google a Commission when the mechanism of the transactions, the currency used V-Tank, but not the payment in the Google Play Store. Although, as stated by Sweeney

The contract mailing list For developers in the Google Play, requires from the developer to the use of payments from Google. Applies only to a series of documents, with the exception of the Treaty, in which it requested the makers.

Or a small Revolution in the commissions for businesses, the Apps on Android and iOS? Tend not to, and it ends in the same way as in the case of the glove of Steam thrown in. Negative words to the address of Google and Apple will probably not change anything.

The ratio of Epic Games is not to convince companies to change and users to boycott the company. If nothing else happens and the Giants obniżyliby arrived, do not expect the reduction in prices for users. Games Epic Games Store (with a few exceptions in the USA) not cheaper than on Steam. More developers will pay.

Application of Epic Games Launcher, you can from our basic Software.