Filter videos birthday number 32 of Rihanna in Mexico


Lately singer Rihanna he was with the greatest frequency in Mexico. Apparently, the young wife of 32 years is the heat, the culture and the Mexican beaches for your vacation like.

On this occasion, on the occasion of his birthday, the interpreter came to Cabo San Lucas celebrate with your friends and family your new round in the sun.

Several media reported that the claim that the artist celebrated the best Mexican style. With a colourful décor and a cake with four floorsthe young daughter of Barbados enjoyed the most out of your birthday.

To circulate in social networks began several videos that show part of the celebration. Rihanna appears to be sitting on a a long, white table, adorned with lamps and fine tableware. The feast was in the open, that seems to be the garden of a home or in a hotel.

A few mariachis entertainment event and they sang for the guests and for the birthday child, aware of the offer is the most successful.

In another video, shows a group of friends who are prepared to a selfie with the singer. You will then, over several balloons in your hands.

What is Rihanna’s?

Rihanna remains low-profile in the music, since he announced it a recovery until the end of 2018 would. Currently, the focus is on your online lingerie, Fenty Beauty by Rihannawith their photos that is constantly updated to his account Instagram.

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Although they circulated for a few weeks, the rumor that the singer had a romance with the rapper A$AP Rockyno , that was not seen on the celebration of his birthday. He also has a publication, the artist in your social networks.

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