Geisy Arruda sensualiza her ‘pepper’, and cook the climate


Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda PHOTO: playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda it increases the temperature of the web, to share with us Stories the Instagram click on that, it seems, lingerie, red, rendered with a hint of transparency in showing off her buttocks.

In the image, appears an asterisk next to a bouquet of roses. A fan took the opportunity to sing with the muse. “On the one hand, is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and in the other a bouquet of roses”she said.

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Geisy Arruda, respond back down to the beach and the fans to him: “Rabetão”

In the time, and Rue sensualizando came in the tub, on the side Luiza Ambiel. Click share in the eternal muse of the bath, the Now well-known image of the ‘ 90s, the star has highlighted her Breasts flash engine and moved it to the web with praise such as “Amazing” and “Beautiful”

A few days ago a fan asked to say to help to Geisy, that you have doubts about your sexuality. Without missing a stroke, miss, miss, and he the trailer. “Oh, spare me the gay I know of a lady in the club. I saw it in your hair plays, fantasy, well, the girl in the vintão of Bruna Surfistinha, you have never met before-you-buy”Recording, she posed in the dress, holding the bouquet.

Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/ Instagram)