Geisy Arruda shows a neck shy in the cold, and it’s fun, the famous de Noronha, Brazil.


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda it’s like in Russia, after spending a few days in Lisbon, Portugal. This Sunday (29.) to view the star of the family-the cool way, with a cautious opening for the neck.

Muse have shared, click on the social network and made fun of well-known, you are going to spend new year’s eve right in the heart of the island. “The whole world is the shit I do. I’m not on the world, I said to my mother,” said the figure.

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Geisy Arruda, respond back down to the beach and the fans to him: “Rabetão”

Rue was surprised the fans by agreeing to a Threesome with two trailers. “I have a ‘friend’, died in a crush on you…. Shall we go?”, he said to be a fan, ready to go to Geisy, you hesitate: “Let’s go! Although! You live where?”is triggered the muse, then.

At the time, Geisy it is called all divulgandoo his book of erotic stories ” the Lust of revenge. The work gathers together 10 short stories, as well as hot-written by the blonde, at times, inspiring.

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