It was for the better or worse? The stunning transformation of Angelina Jolie


The beginning of his career in the 80s, and Angelina Jolie is currently one of the most respected in the world. A Symbol of beauty, and the artist currently dividing his time between his work and the work of a humanitarian nature.

To not do it at all, in a way that has just as sexist and shallow as the movie, Angelina Jolie the look changed several times, to a compliance with the requirements of the industry, and it suffers because of it. The small details transform into a true storm in a material, the use of only the so-called “defects” of the actress such as Jolie.

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Check it out below, and the look of Angelina Jolie, has!from the 80s to the present day

Angelina Jolie was born in a famous family in Hollywood, the daughter of actors Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. The family is also known, Jolie is the niece of singer-songwriter Chip Taylor and the goddaughter of the legendary Jacqueline bissett’s hairstyles will look, and Maxi Lilian Schell.

She was a victim of bullying in his youth, just because of its look and feel. It is a zoada by their peers for their existence was too thin, wears glasses and braces. In his teenage years, at the urging of her mother, she tried her luck as a model, but was not able to work.

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In high School, Angelina Jolie is a turn for the Gothic, and he studied to be an agent of the funeral home, and tanatopraxista. To cut this time, it has also suffered from depression and self-harm to feel “alive.”

In a reflection about her life in the spotlight, Angelina Jolie said, also has difficulties with drug consumption, particularly heroin, in the beginning of his youth, and, in addition to eating disorders, outbursts of psychological and at least one suicide attempt.

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In interviews with Angelina Jolie pointed out, in the way that the industry treats the actors as it is the reason why a number of of your mental illness.

Although he began to be active in the commercial, independent films and music videos from the late ‘ 80s, and Angelina Jolie is her career in film in 1993, the main role in the movie Cyborg 2. The primary role of the actress in Hollywood was released in the movie hacker in 1995.

The career of the actress began to improve after 1997, the year in which Jolie won a Golden Globe award for her performance in George Wallace in a series of non-WOVEN. In 1998, she portrayed the supermodel Gia Carangi in the film Gia, HBO, is considered to be one of the best performances of the diamonds.

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At the same time, Diamond began to write what would be one of its roles, the Interrupted best-known in the Film girl,. The performance of the actress, as a patient, sociopath is in a mental institution and was highly acclaimed by audiences and critics, what has Angelina Jolie as one of the biggest names in Hollywood in the year 2000.

The year 2000 is the culmination of Angelina Jolie in Hollywood. Originally known for performances in indie movies, the actress began to be employed increasingly in the major blockbusters, starting with the heroine, Lara Croft, in an adaptation of the video game Tomb Raider.

After Tomb Raider, Angelina Jolie is the main role in projects with a large aspect ratio, such as Alexander, Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow, the salt, The tourist, and Beowulf.

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In 2005, Jolie appeared opposite Brad Pitt in the successful Mr and Sra. Smith, played where the duo a couple of killers and professionals, stand in front of one against the other. The actress was married to Brad Pitt, and after a short period of time.

In 2008, Angelina Jolie starred in perhaps her best role in The change, the drama by Clint Eastwood based on a true story. To combine the performance of the actress, and the struggle of a mother with the child that was praised unanimously by the critics, the experts.

After two decades of working non-stop, Angelina Jolie has decided to venture behind the camera. In 2011, she was In the Land of love and hate, his first credit as a Director. The film tells the story of a forbidden love between a Serb soldier and a prisoner during the war in Bosnia in the 90s. The film is designed to lead to a revival of public interest in the survivors of the conflict, after Angelina jolie’s visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-fold, as the us Ambassador to the United Nations high Commissioner for refugees

In the year 2014, Angelina Jolie role of Maleficent’, a re returned to the screen, in the main-imagining of the classic sleeping beauty told from the perspective of the villains. The film became the most profitable in the career of Jolie, and that he is in the 4. Place among the highest grossing films of the year.

In the same year, Angelina Jolie presents her second work as a Director: she is Invincible. The film tells the true story of Louis Zamperini, an important Olympic runner who survived a plane crash and spent 2 years as a prisoner of war of the Japanese.

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Angelina Jolie also has two other films released in: on the water (2015), and ” First they Killed My father (2017).

The actress will play, Topic, of The Eternal, a film from the Marvel comics, with a scheduled opening in 2021.

It is common for Actresses in Hollywood do plastic surgery to extend her long career, and working around these demands are incompatible, the in the film industry. Always in connection with your beauty, and Jolie is no exception to the rule.

There is no exact estimation about how Angelina Jolie started with the plastic surgery, but it is the most specialized sites agree that you are at least a procedure in the nose, at the end of the 90-ies. Photos from the witnesses of a significant change in the shape of the nose of the actress, has slim more and more.

The eyebrows, the actress several times changed in the 90s and the present. At the beginning of her career, Jolie wore it on the forehead is more arched, marked by strong features. Since 2005, she has begun to let you down, but without success.

In 2013, Angelina Jolie botox between the eyebrows, the one that has changed a little something in the way of your cheek is supposed to have.

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley, a plastic surgeon, such as the popular and well-known in Los Angeles, he spoke about the beauty of Angelina Jolie in an interview:

“There are very few people in our culture, that it can be actually considered to be the symbols of beauty, and Angelina Jolie is at the top of the list. As I always say, it is better, great genes than a great plastic surgeon”.