Jennifer Lopez surprised with this perched in bikini


After his spectacular appearance in the ‘Super Bowl’ and leave you all speechless Jennifer Lopez it is a times more. On this occasion, because they convey an impression of the artist bikini climb profile from Instagram.

The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez in addition to brags with a body and a spectacular physical condition of the 50-year-old nearly two weeks after their historic show Shakira in the ‘Super Bowl 2020’.

Photography has, of course, a great uproar among their fans and followers who fell in front of the body of Jennifer. Posed so sensually, “relaxed and re-charged”according to the artist confirmed in the caption.

Since then, Jennifer Lopez never leaves you indifferent. The photo is generated in less than 15 hours, nearly 7 million ‘likes’.

The time of the intermediate level of the ‘Super Bowl 2020’ will remain in your memory for a long time. And all thanks to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the tremble which made the ‘Hard Rock Stage’with a performance that will go down in history, in the of goods, accompanied Bad Bunny, and J Balvin.

Shakira also wanted to seals manifertarse after the show, they performed Jennifer, you write a message, accompanied by a beautiful photo you saw. “Memories to last a lifetime…memories pervivirán through the whole life…”wrote on your Twitter profile.

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Certainly, Jennifer Lopez is unstoppable. In addition, singers can be successful, as an actress, model, occasional and respected entrepreneur, has ventured now to his own Shoe designexclusively for DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)the sell your collection.

According to the singer, this line of shoes is three cities have become an important part of what it is: New York, Los Angeles and Miami.