Kylie Jenner has a private Museum for Kylie Jenner


And clearly… ¡Kylie Jenner is the owner! The young entrepreneur, 22 years old, planning to have a Convention and museum, based on their beauty products. To do this, reported by some terms such as Kylie With, Kylie Kon and Kylie Museum, by attorney Josh D. C. tanning in Washington; and who has shared the screenshots of the documents on his Twitter account. And Yes, this new business to the lowest Kardashians also includes workshops and cosmetic, so that it is positioned once again on the head from the rest of her sisters.

Kylie Jenner has a new line of business in its sights: a museum to his name!

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How recodarán to register a trademark before a business is officially ” the strategy, recurring between the Kardashian. What we have seen earlier, if Kim Kardashian registered the name Kimono for your brand, sashes, and the reason for the anger of many, by a Japanese word, and you had to change the name of SKIMS. Now, it is the turn of Kylie Jennerthose who continue to follow with the crown, start-up, was the throne of her sister and to be a role model.

Kylie Jenner follows in the footsteps of their sister, the creation of the company.

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The billonaria of the Kardashian-JennerKylie, according to Forbes, it is still not clear whether the museum to his name, a separate unit or part of an exhibition in the Convention of cosmetics is: Kylie With. However, the requirements for the names of three brands to show their interest “organize and manage special events, exhibitions and interactive experiences for the purposes of social entertainment”. As well as, “new opportunities for the brand and experiences, including guided tours and car tours to museums and retail goods”.

What is not in doubt, based the business on fashion and beauty: two aspects in which this celeb it feels more than comfortable. Yes, Kylie Jenner is always more, and he learned from the best: his mother and sister. Also if there is still no date when The Museum of Kylie Jenner they are open to the public, without a doubt, will take your business bold.