Kylie Jenner: “it is very important that you isolate it and thus is a”


The young entrepreneur has asked you to her fans, the containment and strive for both your health as well as for all those who may be susceptible to this virus

Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner.

Day Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV

In the last days of celebrities flooded their profiles remain in the social networks of publications cheering of their supporters at home and you ideas, in order not to get bored during the time of isolation, recommended by the authorities in view of the crisis of the coronavirus.

Most of these personalities agree that this self-imposed quarantine that affects your mood, but there is one who has enough experience in these eyelid: Kylie Jenner.

As instructed, remind the young entrepreneur to all his fans, know very well what they will be asked to sacrifice for the long term, if you don’t recommend that you go to the street, because in the second half of 2017, she was in a prison of their own free will.

I’m on the eighth day. My pregnancy prepared me for. Not I left home for months“ she found the Stories of your Instagram. “I hope all are well. Now, it is very important that they isolate themselves and, therefore, ensure that you do not endanger your health or that of others, is susceptible to this virus“ forgot again to his admirers.

In February, 2018 Kylie the arrival announced bloom in the world of his first to the little Stormi, by a home video in which I you are pregnant for the first time. Earlier, the paparazzi had not yet taken any photo pull see clearly who was expecting a child, because she had just see, in public, and if you have a choice to leave his home, it was wrapped in several layers of clothing, with a wide disimulaban her bulging belly.

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