Miley Cyrus takes a Demi Lovato and admits that were super gay


The pandemic coronavirus has an influence on the different personalities of the show, which has not fostered in the majority of the people are leaving, prevent their homes that further infections. But on this occasion, one of the famous that you are taking this quarantine as a chance for the repetition of the relationship with friends from childhood Miley Cyruswho has since been in contact via social networks with Demi Lovato and has admitted the details of their relationship.

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It should be noted that the two actors were inside and the singers a part of the Disney Channel during her childhood, giving the engine its artistic professions, Miley Cyrus with Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato with Camp Rock. However, it has already passed more than a decade and currently both Miley than Demi are faced with difficult situations in your life.

Currently Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato surprised their followers in social networks, if the main role in a Instagram Live, which is also a part of the interviews, the interpreter, “Wrecking ball” leads to individuals to entertain themselves in quarantine called Bright-Minded, in the Monday to Friday Miley a conversation with an artist.

So last Tuesday, Miley to be Lovato invited, part of this project.

“One of the women, the inspiring, and I can call friend for 15 years, has decided to, in my program via Calls Live. You bring light in this moment, in the dark, and you’re all insane. Demi Lovato will be my program in the morning and we talk about possibilities, strong, optimistic, and useful exercises for the preservation of the mind”.

During the interview, the two singers will be the 27-year-old languages some of the most difficult times in his career as bullying suffered, that Miley after her performance at the Video Music Awards 2013. While Demi confessed to Lovato, she found her connection with God and is today a person, the more spiritual. “I started to go to Church, in December, and I found my relationship to God,” said Demi.

But that was not all, because Miley Cyrus he mentioned that from the moment you met Demi Lovato both had a strong connection during adolescence. So between laughing, Miley said that she was, perhaps, this strong relationship that they are “gay”. “The same, because the two were super-gay”, – said the singer.

After this time, Miley said that this period of isolation helped him to remember and get back to the relationship with people with whom I lost contact.

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