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The Mexican Rodrigo Prieto, who was behind the address, of photos of the last video clip Taylor Swiftled by him, the said, on a video of behind-the-scenes released on Tuesday, the Director is the person who was more than amazing, worked with the.

“Rodrigo, one of the producers favorites (Martin) Scorsese, the man is more than amazing, I’ve worked with, I can’t believe my luck”said the American, an audio-visual document, published on YouTube, in which he is working out the details of the filming of “The Man”, premiered on 27.February.

With this song, the singer of songs like “Shake it off” in the world has sent a message against sexism, because it shows how your life would look like if it man, and obviously, the presence of prejudices to which they are exposed women.

“In this video I wanted to show how the world responds to a man who is young, rich, handsome, and believed. How is this instant approval and gives you ridiculous the benefit of the doubt and”, in detail on Tuesday, the singer.


You played in the video is a great work of makeup artist and caracterizadores her appearance transformed into that of a man, something that she decided to like him.

“I knew exactly how I wanted the video, I knew who would as a production Manager, production assistant, and I thought ‘why not, I test this?, you teach alone for the first time’. This was the easiest way to get the video to how I wanted to”she explained in the report of behind-the-scenes.

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Taylor had already special thanks are sent is Rodrigo Prieto, who published on Twitter the day the video: “Rodrigo Prieto, our camera man, is absolutely brilliant and realistic, and fun.”he wrote.

Rodrigo Prieto was recently nominated for the Oscar for best cinematography for his work on “The Irishman”, the latest film from American Director Martin Scorsese, the technology rejuvenates your protagonist, Robert De Niro, for the computer.


Rodrigo Prieto was nominated for an Oscar for “Brokeback Mountain” (2005) and “Silence” (2016), the latter also under the guidance of Scorsese and has his art in the service of other Directors is recognized as Ben Affleck (“Argo”, 2012), Oliver Stone (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, 2010), Spaniard Pedro Almodovar (“Los abrazos rotos”, 2009) and the Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu (“Amores Perros”, 2000), among others.


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