Travis Scott apparently already forgotten, Kylie Jenner sexy model


Maybe it seems that Travis Scott already found the love and forget her now exnovia Kylie Jenner, with whom he has an intense romance and procreó a baby, who are the eyes of the two famous, because you always have to have what is shown, on networks.

According to American media, the rapper was taken out of a game, basquetball with the beautiful model SweetYungRo, is a sensation in social networks, which is also a certain similarity with the entrepreneur, because they have enormous body in addition to a cool look, similar to that of Jenner.

To top it off have several fans spoke of the new relationship that he is very willing to Travis, while others agree, because apparently Kylie was Jenner, who was there, or wanted to have an affair with the singer a few months ago, his last birthday celebration.

Remember that it is not the first time that a scandal of the entrepreneur millionaire catch, because after you realize that your best friend Jordyn Woods got with the friend of her sister, Khloé Kardashian, things are really bad, even the problem came in their reality show.

Also Kylie is not the only one that had problems, because their media, the sisters have their way in the eye of the hurricane because of their love relationships, or if you try an opinion about problems in society, because they are part of one of the families of the most popular Hollywood it was not for nothing.

It is worth noting that Kylie Jenner, besides being famous for its success also make-up what was being charged by the enormous body, as we have seen, in a bathing suit or bikinis, with whom they unleashed the madness of his fans.