AMLO calls for companies, not workers COVID-19 released

President, Andrés Manuel López called the entrepreneur, the redundancies made prior to the epidemic coronavirus COVID-19 “correct”, and not the cuts by the contingency.

In the video posted on his Twitter account, the President have said reports that the minister of labour, Luisa Maria mayor, cuts and redundancies several companies, bat “not to meet in a crisis” to these decisions.

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“No, I’ll call to company, because what I want is the correction to help us,” said López Obrador, insisted that there is no legal basis for dismissal of the epidemic, because “there is not a Declaration of health emergency“.

“This company is very large, and very famous, I will not come to expression. With franchising strangers is a bad example,” reiterated the President, in which he will have the entrepreneur’s “social dimension” and not to dismiss their workers.

Cuts of COVID-19

The same 19. March is the signature theme announced that they have reduced overhead costs and cutting jobs in its corporate center and the establishment of a “program to employees who are willing to, in an absence of 30 days without content”, as part of its measures to tackle the crisis, the presence of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Mexico.

In a statement to the Mexican stock exchange (BMV) sent to its shareholders reports, the topic, said that the company, by employees in all are looking for their brands, reducing the working time and online template; and negotiations with the trade unions concerned, their support.

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