Angelina Jolie comes back with the appearance, simple and elegant


Angelina Jolie was seen on the streets of Los Angeles with their daughter, 11-year-old Vivienne. Both of them went to the supermarket for the purchase of the necessary food. During their trip, the famous and showed her a page easy, it is not only the teaching of their children in the exercise of their daily activities alone, but also by the clothes he was wearing.

Angelina Jolie shows off her look simple in the streets of California

In order to feel comfortable while shopping, the celebrity wore a long white dress with embroidery and jacket in beige protect you from the cold weather. Their low shoes, she was allowed to go slowly, and to make it look more neat, and make a note of it on the hair and a pair of sunglasses.

In his time off, the actress did not use makeup or jewelry, eye-catching. However, in their behavior, and in a neutral color scheme in her outfit gave her the image of sophisticated, like a star in the world.

The most expensive of your look was a leather case in black, she was a member of the brand Christian Dior, which has an approximate value of 2.700€.

Since the divorce, she devoted herself to the education of children, shows on several occasions, to convey that, in spite of being one of the most famous figures in the entertainment, she would always try, the humility and the humanity in them.

Source: La Nueva Mujer.