Geisy Arruda, the rear sides of butt love thong bikini


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda enjoy the day at a water park last Monday (the 17th.) in Suzano, São Paulo. There they put up to fit your beautiful body, and he won a lot of praise from the fans.

“A day of fun in the magiccitybr”, legendou in the past. Geisy has released a couple of clicks, but it is the second arbitration was his attention. She wore a thong bikini and her butt showed a lot.

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Bikini Geisy Arruda comes sensualizando video

“This woman is beautiful”; “What a joy in raba”; “dream”; “How can I wife you don’t love”; ” it is more beautiful and sexy. Congratulations you”, are just some of the compliments which the lady of the book ” The Lust of revenge, which he has received.

All the clicks, shares, and show her gorgeous body, she gets some of the comments and spicy, and Geisy assured that you are going to feel hurt. “I have pictures of more than 9 thousand comments, I read them all. However, not to do it, and do not block anyone. Abuse, for me, is a bully, my mother and me and the dog. The rest is just a p*taria, and I like it”, he said.

Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)



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