Hattusa Anitta and Isabeli Fontana post the pictures with no touch-ups and to promote acceptance of the body



In SÃO PAULO, SP, Brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – A group of models and entertainers may be famous, which is the benchmark of beauty, has decided to leave the finishing touches for a photo, and post them to appear it on the social networks photos of their body, without the correction, stretch marks and cellulite.

The initiative, which, according to experts, in order for the public to de-mystify the figures in which they appear on TV, on fashion runways and on the internet, and encourage them to accept other women, and you see the beauty in themselves. Models like Isabeli Fontana and Gizele Oliveira-posted pictures of their stretch marks. In addition to the singer, Hattusa Anitta, had already attention to the show and their claims on the music video for “Vai ” Malandra”.

The psychologist Managed to Cotian explains to you, photos of beautiful women on the internet can be a positive or a negative for the followers. “When the women see these famous monuments in the care of the health, nutrition, personal development, fashion and style, among other things, you can be positive, as well.”

“The unfortunate fact is that women do not feel comfortable with the image, and these images are perfectly suited to a comparison to generate. This addiction can trigger a feeling of inferiority or of disappointment, sadness, and overeating or purchase and promotion of a lack of self-confidence,” she says.

The psychologist is of the view that it is important for the initiative and for the celebrities that flock to real-life images of their own bodies, not more than six months. In this way, the acceptance of other women, which breaks through the myth of perfection, and the awakening of discovery.”

Work on your self-esteem, she explains that it is important to know yourself, know your strengths, recognize your own abilities and talents. “Well, the woman will have most of what you have, be positive to be, instead of focusing on what you don’t have to the extent that it is not the same as what you have on the social network.”

Dr. Monisa Lima, it is estimated that more than 90% of the female population, the Brazilian cellulite, and that about 50% of them have stretch marks. “If the us government is a reference to the beauty of the with the cellulite and the score, it is important for the public to see, you can accept it,” said Monisa. “Even if your body and also have this kind of weakness.”

Dr. Larissa Viana, of the Brazilian society of dermatology, stated that women can have the treatment to reduce cellulite and stretch marks, but the most important thing is that you can turn to accept his or her life – herself. “The adoption itself is a revolutionary act,” says Larissa.

The singer Geo-Mantovani, 23, is inspired by the singer and the English rumor has it (on the screen) and Rubens Cavallari/Folhapress, The singer Geo-sits Mantovani in front of a laptop and holding a mirror. The screen is a picture of the singer Adele, The singer of Geo-Mantovani, 23, says she has to compare the dead body of the stars in the social media networks and if you use it with any of them. “The way of the world, fashion bloggers, with a body too thin, so I decided to break my social life: I have stopped all of them and went in search of a woman that had a body similar to my own. In my case the plus size models was it,” he says. “In the past, I have to accept a hard time getting my body as it was. Now, I’ve been trying to follow and keep track of those with whom I identify myself.”

The Geo was a dream to be a singer, but I thought I would never be able to. “I thought that the fat would not go on stage,” she says. “Until the day in which I have a (British singer) saw Adele and thought she would be a singer and be overweight, I was also able to do that.”

Right now, the Geo of the other girls helps to go through the adoption process that he went through. “I’m going to show you my body, as he displayed in the social network, and I want it, in a very natural way.”


Work on your self-awareness, you can recognize how your self-esteem and what you can change to be good to yourself

To identify the pattern of the mind that affected her self-esteem. Where are these standards and fees?

To do – to begin, something for you, it makes you feel good about yourself. I put the dates on your goals, and track the results

– Make a list of your strengths every day and to learn how to detect what is beautiful in you, both internally and externally

Through the recognition of their vulnerability, and to accept it as it is. Welcome to me!

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– To carry out activities on their own initiative. If we can get the next one, we are well on our way, the world and how we see ourselves