JLo and Alex Rodriguez share photos of your family, how you live, in quarantine,


JLo and of AROD, the voluntary quarantine to endure in the house with their children, and have shown that boredom is not in his plans.

The famous celebrity has a luxurious villa, where the pool and nightlife options to the fullest to live in these days.

The singer recalled, to remain as important to the home to prevent the virus be passed on.

So Jennifer Lopez is living the days of quarantine with your family

Last Wednesday, a video in which her son, Max, published with a t-shirt and shorts, a beer served to you Alex.

“We can’t leave, no restaurant and nothing, but the service and the entertainment are pretty good here,” wrote the singer.

The video proved to be very popular and received more than 7 million likes in less than 10 hours.

The baseball released a fun video of Tik Tok, the whole family, he, his two daughters, Tashie and you.

In the video, Max and Emme enjoy the children of JLo, dance and.

Show that children spend from your previous relationships, you are wonderful together and there is no rivalry.

The history of love by JLo

Not yet, which lives on the altar, but the couple is currently solid.

Your family is perfect for wearing and show your love and admiration to each time.

Jennifer Lopez and her search for love always the trend by goods, until he flechada Of AROD.

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