Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato together again after the birth


The crisis of health care, the current life of the world because of the coronavirus has brought a lot of bad moments, but fortunately, also good news. One of them is that two of the great stars of the last great generation of Disney Channel, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrusagain, it seems amigarse and what they have done, publicly, a direct Instagram that have spoken has happened, about their youth, their insecurities… All while a program that the singer Slide Away was named Bright-Minded: Live with Miley and is once a day for the whole week.

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During the conversation, the two singers are supported have spoken about 27 years, about their friendship, and as always, the one with the other, although they do not speak often. In addition, the pre-discussed and summarized idea of the perfect body and how Miley ran particularly poorly after her controversial appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013when he was a bikini and flesh-colored, in her performance with Robin Thicke.

“I spent two or three years, in which there is no me put on shorts. I let myself skirts on stage and all this nonsense, because after the VMAs in bikini color beigethe whole world began to compare with a Turkey and I was on the meme,” said. “He was so thin and pale that I felt very bad with myselfdon’t I have the bikini in two years, and no one thought you could feel so,” said the interpreter, the to fame for her role as Hannah Montana.

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“I think it was very hard, because part of my identity has always been to be myself, without asking for forgiveness no onethe confidence in myself, and the worst thing you could do, was to feel that was a lie, my fans, or that it was a fraud,” revealed the made singer, popular songs such as Party in the USA or We can ‘ t stop. Demi admitted to know nothing about these feelings of Miley and he felt tormented by him. “I wish I could be there, but I didn’t know and I have the feeling that we are in times when we have to do in the vicinity, and others in which we removed more and more and that is normal, friends. But I would have liked you for you. When once again, the more you value me,“that made Demi that she has lived her own crisis in terms of self-love and insecurity. In fact, the singer of Love me was always very honest about their problems with their image, and in addition to her partner of Disney, has never been afraid to talk about it.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, associated with the birthVIEW GALLERY

Their friendship was and they told of how difficult it is to keep in contact, if you moved your calendar so quickly. “It is difficult to estimate, and those that are part of your life and you have been there for many years, we were friends for a long time,” said Miley. “We can talk, without a lot of time, and all of a sudden something happens and I know with you, with whom you want to talk“she added, and stressed that it need a routine in order to communicate. “In the difficult time impotante approach is to those who have the light. I think you have, even also if there is this crisis, to re-connect“confessed the star The last song.

Then, Demi replied it is precisely in the light of which she spoke was her friend came to you 14 years. “We saw something of the one to the other. The best, spiritually, or in our hearts,” recalled the singer, who has suffered since I was a young man bipolarity, which she was diagnosed, after the crisis, something that showed in the year 2015.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, associated with the birthVIEW GALLERY

The backgrounds, why this distancing?

The alleged enmity between Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus starts, when both were 15 years. At the time, singer Confident and Selena Gomez were best friends and had their own YouTube channel, where they shared their experiences and positive messages for his fans. The controversy came when Miley, the third in discord, “a parody of” one of these videos a girlfriend. It rose to her own account, the same social network, but not for long. He rained down a sea of criticism and put out to publish the content, even an apology: “Sorry, if the ofendimos. Your video was funny and, as Elvis said, the best way to flatter is imitated, so that we imitate”.

Although, since since then, there have been several occasions have, to sit together and defended each other in the media become to be enfretamientos very public between them. In 2014, staged to the headlines, as the Miley of the prosecution to Demi, and later, he said, were “known” more than just friends. Instead, the soon-to-reconciliaron honor makes some of the statements from 2012, in which the protagonist Camp Rock he explained that if they fought, it was “brutal”, but two days later it will arrepientían. “In addition to Miley than Selena are always in my life, because we added many things together,” she said.



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