Natural: Jennifer Lopez see let, to the public, such as the quarantine goes on at home with your family


Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous, he decided, in quarantine, in view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Since a few days ago, the actress and her family, various activities for the management of isolation, and until now very well.

Social networks, both “The Diva from the Bronx”, as the former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez together of funny moments on the side of their children, studying, dance and play during the birth.

One of the most recent attention, because it is the whole family, consisting of the stars of the show and the sport as their children

In the video of AROD-letter-head is a funny choreography with the children of the couple, while JLo closes with a Grand finale of the performance, the looks very naturalto : sporting clothes, face washed and hair tied high in the head.

“From the worst to the best”, the ex-to explain the athlete wrote, the artistic incident, the family, which has been played until now, 912.672 time.

In another clip, the star is Max, the son of the “Diva’s ” the Bronx”, the lights your talents to drive your electric car (hover board), and serve drinks.

The child of 12 years, will move to juggle in your vehicle and in a circle to until he of the luxurious property of Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles, California plunges into the pool.

“We can’t go, not a restaurant or something but the service and the entertainment here is good enough… #StaySafe #family time,” wrote to accompany the actress in your account of Instagram, the video.

The trick with the little Max was up now 11,314,830 occasions.

But the family of Jennifer Lopez not only has time for fun. In an interview with the magazine Elle, the singer confessed that you work from home, where is your study time and your new projects and the development of new choreography; in addition, your kids already take classes virtually.

We are all trapped in the house, in this moment… All of which are in quarantine, and the world is upside down and crazy. So, now we have to make lemonade out of lemons, isn’t it? We need to find ways to focus and find the work from home, but also things that keep the spirits high,” he said.

“If you are healthy and at home, it is a real reset button for many of us. To be honest, for me, work from home, work, the reading of scripts, development of new projects, and learn new dance routines. Because now you can use the time to prepare something. At some point, hopefully soon, we will recover us never think of it again. Always we recover. Therefore, we must use this time to prepare ourselves again for the better…, “he added.

About the activities of their children, “The Diva from the Bronx” in detail: “Even my kids work from home and have for 12 years! Now you have a virtual school, and we are all together in the house, what pleased me very much. For me there is no greater luxury that real-time with my children”.

The famous mentioned that your trip to TikTok to do for their children from the age of 12 and to know that it helps to have more dance steps, so recommended to use during this time is the isolation.

“You love it, so I encourage me to use them. Warm love when I do it! But for me, I swear, TikTok is an app for a social network is a application of dance. You will find a new movement that you want to learn, and what you do. You can do it with your children, you can do it with your parents or your friends. If you are trapped in the home now, you can go and TikTok and practice dance, which is always something that improves your mood. I’m totally against it“.