Nike suspends sales of the products in the line of Kobe Bryant to avoid the excessive profits of the retailer – Notes – Glamurama


The partnership of Bryant with Nike’s top athletes, more than$ 8 million per year) | | Credits: Play

Nike has decided to suspend sales on their websites for all the products in the line, Kobe, Nike, which was signed by Kobe Bryant, in order to avoid that traders will benefit from the large amount of attention generated by the death of a basketball player in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The buyer try, these products are forwarded on all platforms, the online sales giant of the sport, the American, on one page, a statement on the matter.

The decision of the company, was shown, according to a report by the sports channels, the American “ESPN” that a lot of people went to the internet immediately after the disaster, with the intention of just buying, especially the shoes in the collection, from Australia and sell them at prices much higher than the original one. “He (Bryant) was a member of the much-loved in our family. We will miss him. Mamba forever,” says the text of the Declaration of Nike, which is cited in the name of the star in the NBA.

Bryant, who is also the figurehead of the other well-known brands such as Mcdonald’s, Sprite (Coca-Cola), and Used, received an average of US$ 8 million (Us$ 33.7 million), a year in license fees from Kobe by Nike. In this context, the athlete, only to lose to Michael Jordan, whose own line, sports accessories, Nike-revenue of over US $ 1 billion (Us$ 4,21 billion euros) a year and yielding more than US$ 60 million (Us$ 252,6 million per year in royalties, and turned it into a billion-dollar-a-year 2015. (For The Anderson’s market)