Of the day, Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Lopez welcomed to wear a sweatshirt with your face


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Instagram is full of things that we are involved: the power to know everything about whom we admire to be, the trends and everything that is of interest to us to visit colarnos in the lives of others… and because of the step and live the conversations have celebrities between them. And some of them are funny, curious and sensitive.

The last, to give the made us, Like as the protagonist has Jennifer Lopez and Barbra Streisand and has helped us to confirm that the celebrities have idols, and there is nothing more exciting that you speak with them. This is what Jennifer is happened in one of his last publications.

The singer and actress is one of his best moments as professionals. Nominated for the Golden globes the film Crooksthe actress is also the image of the signatures Versace, Guess and Coach. Just a picture of the campaign, the Coach was the beautiful anecdote led, you can be sure that JLo will not be forgotten. The singer shows several handbags of the company, and he is wearing a sweatshirt with the face Barbra Streisand printed.

The image gathers almost a million I Like but there is a comment that extends over the other: the own Barbra Streisand. The singer has written: in the wall of JLo: “I love it! Hello, to see @jlo, excited to my lights face !😜💛”. What were Jennifer reflected, reacted with the message: “you Know, you’re my götze ❤😘”.

Two divas share the news on Instagram, you have stolen from us, the heart and looked forward to the day.

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