Selena Gomez returns to the music of a theme could be dedicated to Justin Bieber | music


The story Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber it is the story never ends. He is just getting married for a second time with the same girl, and also a lot of consequences, and took its name from his old love.

In fact, the singer has just announced his return to music this week, and many think that this new single, Lots of you to love me (To lose you to love me), we start this 23. Octoberis a new one, should for his ex.

We always do blind“.

They all say that and you all know him“.

You are jesus in the world

I saw the signs and ignored it“.

In fact, more women“.

The sets, the is gone share this last days on Instagram and posted all kinds of theories about what it could mean. Many agree that they are aimed at Justin Bieber. Although, if you consider the followed the steps and in the last time, could woman is a re-confirmation such as super -, your life has changed and noted that it is important to love one another, to begin to self, in order to be.

Clear that the first hypothesis has more followers, especially because they are on the same day Hailey Bieber published a collection of photos from your wedding, Selena a photo of you on the we see, huddled under a blanket, by many people think that depression again cernirse about you.

Then the photos were of her when she was a girl with these sentences is puzzling. But between the memories and the childhood has crept could be several newer, that part of the image of this new release. Are black-and-white images, which we see as beautiful and sexy as in their best times.

Between the last pictures that was released, we also see a sign, on the theatre or even a collage on the wall, many believe that you could do is include the video clip to.

We knew that the preparation of the successor was Revivalthe last album was released in the year 2015 and what is sure is that, although in the last four years has worked in a theme, such as the successful Taki Taki, her absence, in the mood for new material.

How is his new theme with must? It is less to discover.



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