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Life Kim Kardashian has always been a view with the magnifying glass, she has managed to take advantage of the large interest and it’s used to your favor by a great Empire, in the economy, she is the star.

One of the reasons why it has reached so high, their business view is apart you know, you give the audience what it wants. To learn So, before the avalanche of requests of his followers, as he is in the form of, Kim told.

Together with your personal trainer, Melissa Alcantarathe socialite wanted to explain some of the exercises form the routine with the has managed to their spectacular figure, her flat stomach and wasp waist.


Iron. (iStock)
Iron. (iStock)

This exercise is one of the most common for routine sports, because it helps to train in more of a variety of muscles. Its implementation will strengthen the region bellybut also the back, arms, legs and buttocks.

Face down and lie stretched on the arms (or elbows) and on the tips of the feet. You keep the body completely horizontal and the abdomen tense. Carried out correctly, it is important that not arquees body. Hold the position for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat.

Lifting the legs

Makes your waist. (To Joseph Kellner for Unsplash)
Makes your waist. (To Joseph Kellner for Unsplash)

They are ideal for work lower abs and their implementation is not complicated, but time-consuming. In the face to not lie, to the top, preferably on a Mat, in order to damage you on the back, puts us on the arms on both sides of the body, with the hands on the po.

With your legs straight and trying not to bend the knee, levántalas until they form a 90 degree angle to your body and the feet pointing towards the ceiling. Controlled, bájalas, until you reach the starting position without touching the floor, and repeat.

Exercises with the AB Roller

Exercise AB Roller. (Jonathan Borba for Unsplash)
Exercise AB Roller. (Jonathan Borba for Unsplash)

The AB Roller it is an instrument, performing staff for some of the exercises, consisting of a shaft and one or more wheels. It is mainly used for working the abdominal area and is an exercise that you always do, control the movement of our body.

On the knee, hold the AB Roller while the abdominal muscles in tensioneverything that is possible to ride a bike, without the support or the hip or the chest on the floor. With the same voltage, the output position. Four sets of ten reps a good number are.