The gesture, moving to the Brazilian model who helped her, the staff fell out of the world


All the people who have joined together in the annual parade of Victoria’s Secret, you are the model of the Chinese Ming Xi, only a moment is really too cumbersome to be the first case in the history of the big show-of-date.
But after the show was broadcast in the U.S. on Tuesday, the incident came into the conversation – it’s the fact that CBS has decided not to take the fall, and it was Gizele Oliveira, who rose to the top. is To get all, by an attitude of generous giving, on the Brazilian model, 24 years old, came on the heels of the Ming Xi, and helped them promptly to the classmate. Watch the moving moment:

In the video, it is still possible to see the Ming Xi cry as he leaves the stage.

In social media, there are many people that make it to leave a point to to Gizele the awards. “You’re so beautiful, you are a true angel. Thanks for the help, Ming Xi is on the rise” and “The girl is amazing” and “you’re beautiful, and filled with grade” e “Now with the help of a humble,” there are only a few of the many comments that can be read on the Instagram of the Brazilian.

Gizele Oliveira, the “heroine” of the show for Victoria’s Secret



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