the well-known Streamer with pledged for the entire life of the banem for the use of aimbota. In his defense, the Ninja, Stand


Two million subscriptions on YouTube, a contract with a well-known organization FaZe professional players – Jarvis, a popular representative of the scene combines Fortnite, was, until recently, enjoy the great achievements that every day many people in the war on Twitchu and YouTube. Enough, but the Moment of total stupidity, and “Osmos” before the rather uncertain future.

This popular player is not accessible, because the “brilliant” idea of implementing active with the use of aimbota…then there are programs cheaterskiego, so you can shoot other players, with the highest possible accuracy. The idea to realize itself, is just moronic, which is met very quickly with a determined response by Epic Games – Jarvis was banned for life time with Fortnite. A Video that demonstrates the possibilities of the program already deleted, but on the net nothing, of course, will not die:

Jarvis tries to act sorry for his miscarriage in the process recorded for this Video also cried, but to expect a heavy, Epic Games penalty abolished. Today, the Community of the game is shared, however. Some przyklaskują game developers for so decisive step. Others, led by the Ninja, one of the most famous players in the world streamującym Fortnite (but already on Mixerze), to be his defense. Ninja says clearly “silly boy made a silly mistake” and claims that he is the punishment in the style of the 6-month ban on e-sports competitions this rather.

Maybe Jarvis paid a little for his popularity, that doesn’t change the fact that he just needs to know that you are waiting very serious consequences for the placement in the network can Video the above. Or maybe just a child simply does not have enough imagination? In this age, that’s normal. How do you assess the decision of Epic Games?

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