What’s more animal Tammy Hembrow unworthy of Kim Kardashian is a scandal!


Tammy Hembrow is one of the women the most requested on the planet and that her great passion, and the rising income and profits, is the same that your work will be: instagramer and sports. A hobby is supplemented by the other, and the other, until it to a body par excellence in the panorama instagramer worldwide. So far, So good, has fans who worship them, and follow and imitate, but to criticise when things it is wrong, as is the case.

And the girlfriend of Kim Kardashian and, above all, Kylie Jenneralthough contact still have, has outraged a large part of public opinion -including las divas American for quite some time be aware of of the by the pathogen– when you publish a photo in your profile, the well-known social media platform, in the the leaves with a clothes in color gum hyper setby your incredible curves, as always, but in the gym, if the recommendations of the world is to stay at home.

In your sports center, you can see how other people, with the exception of some of the unconscious has stored, the recommendations and is only for the model in addition to a few people, so you have this action criticised, a Tammy Hembrow the need to learn, that, although in many cases, the center of the universe for their beauty, the rest of the world is their own ego, that you have to sweat in the gym.

Tammy Hembrow

And more, if the new figures in his home country, Australia, approach the thousands affected by the dreaded coronavirus. Tammy ran an unnecessary risk to go to the gym, even more, their children at home, the certainly share in your social networks. Certainly up to the elite athletes, countless, she says that the contact, after which it just go cheerful on the road, and where the risk of cut you can temporarily enjoy your appetite, the favor of his friendship. Bad example, in any case.