And all of that… where are Shakira and Piqué? The disappearance of the couple


Would post on Instagram per day. The advertising for your new topics was not because they stopped working because they decided to rush again in her career, and played your songs to offer the audience. Every day we said, until all of a sudden wipe. We don’t know nothing, neither Shakira nor Gerard Piqué in days, exactly from Wednesday, 11two days before the schools closed, in Catalonia, and three days before the government decretara alarm status.

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The singer tweeting and retuitea, but no picture. Everything is advertising, the Bare feet in Barranquilla, a little more, as if the world is still spinning, in the same way as a week ago. On Monday, the 16th century wrote a tweet in the ask the citizens to stay at home, but did not see you thanked the mayor of Barranquilla. Piquet, while, has retuiteado once these days, and a message dedicated care staff to support.

Some media have published a photo of Sasha, the youngest son of the couple, play chess in the house, but it is a recording of at least a week, some of them have these days. Neither still photo hung no: dear the protection of your privacy the maximum, the focus is on the welfare of their children.

The children of the couple studying at the international school, the more expensive and exclusive of Barcelona, a school in which the majority of the students are foreignersmany of them from China. The chats of Whatsapp, the parents burned for weeks, as they are in Germany. Many of the Chinese students chosen for your account, go to the class, to avoid problems, and many others did the same, not with other medicines children are mixed.

Crisis in the school

The parents of many pupils in this school you travel constantly and the fear of infection was between the end of the school community. So that the children of Pique and Shakira they disappeared from the class room before you joined, the schools, the of official order. How many of your classmates. As their parents social networks. Neither Instagram nor Twitter, where both of them are pretty active and, as I said, where Shakira was in full promote your new work.

The partner usually use breaks Piqué in Barcelona traveling to places, landscapes of Paradise, and can relax in without being recognized. Bahamas, bought where the singer an island that is years ago with her more, Antonio de la Rúa, a not only the usual goals in your calendar, holiday. They also have a house in The Cerdanya, in particular in Bolvir where you have to escape, if your calendar allow it. There is no trace of them on none of the two sides.

Active and in solidarity

Both are usually faithful to the causes of solidarityand up to the political reasons, the social actions that happen in our country. Pique was an active participant in the referendum of 1. October and has asked you of the elections is steadily increasing. Shakira, for his part, always in demand cooperation of your followers to causes you believe to be just.

Therefore, it is strange in these days, neither of the two a single image or a single post with the recommendation has not published, to their fans, that they stay at home or give tips to protect themselves from the pandemic that followed us. If you are in your house, are completely separated, and if you have escaped to a secluded place that you have preferred, not to the public, in order to save the suspects.

Note that most of the football players the country’s photos and posts have been suspended, on the request of the people to stay at home and preach by their example. From Messi to Sergio Ramos, are all imprisoned.

From Messi to Xavi

Messi has the job, their fans stay at home and what it has to with a photo, which shows him with his children and his wife. Ramos has gone a step further and gave an example of how to train, without leaving your house. Even Xavi, who has been suspended since his beloved Qatar,, photos home. Andrés Iniesta and his wife, Anna Ortizimprisoned in his native Japan for a long time, that the Spaniards, to give ideas on Instagram, such as the overcoming of the isolation.

Christmas in Madeira

With the exception of Cristiano Ronaldo, as announced, the closure of Italy climbed into his private jet, with their whole brood and installed in Funchal, Madeiraone of the new paradises desired by the jet union.

Also, the big stars of the performing arts from Germany were asked to arrest his followers. The the international stars, many of which have not yet, to stay home, sent you maximize messages for your followers to, the control measures in your life. But neither Shakira or pique in these days the earrings of his fans. Your children are the priority.



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