Before Covid-19, Shakira calls not prioritize the economy on health


Shakira he cried out in Instagram to stay people at home and during the journey the crisis, caused by the coronavirus.

Through a video she shared on Instagram, the Colombian thought that the virus had been faster, that is the ruling, and that is why it is better that each of them in its own name and for its own account, and you take to take this issue seriously and responsibility, the implementation of the measures as to home to stay for 15 days, and to help the people more prone to not purchase the Covid-19.

The Colombian asked for understanding for everything that happens in the world, is required to done after in several countries, quarantine something, and it is measures such as the closure of borders, shops, cinemas and restaurants.

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‘Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of the health authorities act too late, or the primacy of the economy before the health and well-being of the citizens, in My experience, after having lived in Europe, we have thought that the virus is very fast, and our leaders, to many slow. All countries should work in cooperation with the The world health organization in a co-ordinated plan international. In the countries that have now, in a few cases, have to learn from the mistakes that we have to pay in European countries, where the measures have been to late. We increase our managers, the 15-day social distance at the end. The closure of schools and public places where people come together, flattening of this curve and prevent the spread of the virus, especially in countries that are not willing to provide medical care as well as in Latin America and Africa. Please we stay in our houses, for 15 days, for the welfare of the needy, the sick, the elderly and the most vulnerable in the world,” he said.

With these words, the interpreter has, “I fell in love”, calls for the signs to avoid, not achieve, unfortunately, and so that the coronavirus affecting the mankind, because in many countries still are not taken, the right measures of prevention and safety.