Between the calm in the chaos: Here’s how it was on the weekend of the famous


On the recommendations of the world health organization, the remain many of the celebrities gave a “Show of wisdom”, and decided to go home. On the other hand, this does not mean that you were no good gossip, only because in the house. He rolled to comment the celebrities, that there is no such thing for youtubers, Empowerment, speaking of sex, no kissing, and also the singer declare, to the amount of a previous marriage. Not to keep was in the situation with what is happening in the lives of the most famous between the 16th and 20th of March? Check out the summary of what we have separated, for you!!!!!

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The Bomb! Hattusa Anitta has caused in the web in the late afternoon on Friday (20). The funkeira replied to a comment from Blogueirinha, a Empowerment and the need for Philip’s grandson spoke to us about the details of the case, and it turned out to be included in the United States.

Solidarity: With the increasing number of people infected with the coronavirus in Brazil, many of the celebrities became aware of it. This Friday (20)It Was announced They will donate$ 1 million dollars for the health system, for the purpose of assisting in the fight against the pandemic. The information Calculated, Ricco, a columnist for the front.

My Opinion: Ivete Sangalo is a home for the Lore Improta and I Santana and back to earth. Via a button on Instagram, the singer a joke, to say that I was tired of seeing the couple separately and asked the two to come back on the dating market very soon.

Hot! The insulation, to protect yourself from coronavirus it is not a reason to Nubia Oliiver stop paqueras. This Thursday (the 19th), the model has opened, the game life on his love and showed him how to get to all of the candidates happy, even without physical contact.

Rant: It is not easy, even for the famous. On the afternoon of Tuesday (17. May), and Linda Thomas, who is responsible for the organization of the mesário of the child, he showed indignaçãthe price of the balloons for children’s parties. Through his Instagram, the country has in the rant.

Hot Weather: Geisy Arruda, used the time at home, in conversation with his followers, and took some of the Questions about sex on the eve of the last Wednesday (the 18th). For the moment, and the strengthening of the came to speak with you isolaria to explore you sexually, and it was also critical of the “sex kiss”.

Pandemic: With the increasing cases of the coronavirus in Brazil, it has panic attacks causes in many people. Celebrities like Luciano Huck, Marcos Mion, and Carolina Dieckmann took to their social media comment on the matter, and his followers to appease. Who else has done that, it Andressa was Urach, who gave a presentation on the pandemic, on her Instagram on Monday (the 16th).

Hard: This week there is a video of Pabllo Vittar appears, the bite allegedly, the private parts of a man viralizou among the people. In the picture that is circulating on the internet, it comes to a trio to the full.