Beyoncé sings at a wedding of the billionaires Indians


The American singer Beyoncé has emulated to Chris
Martinof Coldplayhe played live at the wedding of the heiress to the Inditex Marta
Ortegaand the star guest at a wedding of the billionaires are Indians. The interpreter Single ladies he travelled to India this weekend, where the wedding was celebrated Isha
Ambanithe daughter of the richest man in the country, Mukesh
Ambani, has assets of more than 43,000 billion dollar forged in the energy sector, and Anand
Piramalthe son of another Indian billionaire.

Beyoncé, who has already acted on one of the parties before and after the link has been shared, in your account Instagram a couple of photos posing with outfit inspiration from India and traditional jewellery.

You will enjoy a private concert with a pop star who is at the height of Beyonce is a very special privilege. Only 1% of the population owns more than 50% of the wealth in the world can afford, because of the cache of these artists is triggered, in the case of private events.

Actors from Bollywood, like Shahrukh
Khan they, too, rose to the stage to liven up the night before the wedding, the States of the ex-first lady of the United Hillary
Clintonand newly married Priyanka
Chopra and Nick



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