Cenapop · Salma Hayek praises Antonio Banderas for the nomination at the academy awards: “you Are to walk in his ways”


Salma Hayek he resorted to Instagram on Monday (13/01), to congratulate Antonio Banderas through its nomination for the academy award for Best actor for his work in the The pain and the glory (2019), directed by Pedro Almodovar.

On the social networking site, the actress in a photo shared of the two of you together in the movie Ballad of A Gunfighter (1995), and wrote the following:

“Twenty years ago, after I met you, it is really nice to see that you go your way. Congratulations on your nomination at the academy awards, Antonio Banderas,” she said, along with the hashtags #Oscars, #Antonio Banderas #Desperado and #Academy awards.

On his page on the social networking site, the actor was celebrated for the nomination and thank you to all of you for the support

“Very satisfied with the nominations. You are important to me, to the cinema, and Spanish cinema, in Spanish. Thank you very much for the compliments and good luck,” he said.