Compare villa from Jennifer Lopez house with “parasites” [VIDEO]


Editor: The Popular21. March 2020 | 17:45 h

The latest video from Jennifer Lopez, it could as harmless on any other day, but not this time. While millions of quarantine stored by the coronavirus, a lot of fans with the release of the singer: the film compared Parasites.

“We can’t go, no restaurant, nothing, but the service and the entertainment are pretty good here,” tweeted Lopez in addition to a video in which she appeared and her fiance Alex Rodriguez and his son Max.

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The child at the age of 12 years, the largest part of the clips with a hoverboard, also known as aerotabla, while taking in the spectacular courtyard of the villa of the couple, in the exclusive area of play Ponce-Davis, uan exclusive area of Miami.

The house of A-Rod and J-Lo has more than 1,000 square meters. But luxury is not what the attention of the fans of the singer. What he did was the similarity with the villa’s protagonist Parasites. In the film, a working-class family is using the naivety, the agent can search from a rich family and your work don’t get the usual right. Many fans of Lopez will discuss about the video, the move to los angeles, the singer on Instagram

The similarity with the Oscar-winning film, they were not aesthetic only. The journalist Jerry Iannelli, the Miami New Times he wrote: “The Parallels with this video, in which two of the most famous people in Miami try the ‘safe’ in a luxury complex, while people a few kilometers with the fear, if you can, you will have to pay the rent of the next month, or buy food when the economy collapses, on the hand”.

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