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Kim Kardashian West is one of the celebrities, with more fans around the world. With a jackpot of 163 million people, their life-style has game in a true look at the day-to-day your fans through the social networks. Now, with the pandemic of covid-19, in the vernacular only as a “coronavirus” despite this being the name of his family of viruses, you also have some recommendations to avoid released, health risks, risk of infection

And it is not to be less. She is the mother 4 small and has shown that no matter who you are, the pandemic the whole world and no one threatened except you is responsible for ensuring that no one is at home it is always the virus. Therefore, they used various elements of the cleaning to your house disinfected and free of any risk of spreading.

Recently, she shared through her story Instagram a series of videos, as I wore the quarantine in your own home, mainly because recently your sister Khloé Kardashian coughs in the vicinity of you.

So, doc, Khloe gave this to me, but I don’t want to touch him, because I gave it to you in your hands. You have a disinfectant?“says Kim in one of his videos with your doctor Caesarhe refers to the gift that you had made, your daughters a makeup kit for girls. “I can give you daughter is not my“.

Kim Kardashian used wipes Clorox clean up, a gift from her sister (photo: Instagram)
Kim Kardashian used wipes Clorox clean up, a gift from her sister (photo: Instagram)

She took a box of handkerchiefs damp Clorox clean the surface of the box. “This is what I do, if someone give me the delivery,” he reveals in his Instagram. “I have not seen, a cough, and I think risk“.

But that’s not all. As already known to the public, the virus covid-19 remains long in the air and on the surfaces of everything, thus the infection easier. Therefore, the specialists of health have always recommended a kind of disinfectant to clean any thing.

Kim Kardashian it is not the exception, so that you in addition to your cloths clorox also, it has been decided, you will always have a disinfectant on hand. What is the use? It seems that in your home in California you and all in your family use, disinfectant “Purple“a multi-purpose cleaner is used as a degreaser.

Disinfectants used, Kim Kardashian and her family (photo: Instagram)
Disinfectants used, Kim Kardashian and her family (photo: Instagram)

Share this picture on your story Instagram he also published a note to clarify, that was not a paid advertisement for the brand, because from now on, the influencers or famous people that you care, not advertising, not to mention, in particular, what with the sister-in-law George Clooney.

In addition, Kardashian he will take on this time in the house very seriously by staying on the countless warnings that they read online, within the houses to prevent the spread of the virus.

It has the common time with her daughters and their families, your photo checked file by your day-to-day with their fans. Finally, it has also used their networks to thank the medical staff, the work today is very hard to contain the outbreak and help the needy.

Photo Kim Kardashian shared on the doctors, against the covid-19 (photo: Instagram)
Photo Kim Kardashian shared on the doctors, against the covid-19 (photo: Instagram)


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