Entrepreneur, Anderson Baumgartne advertise for talent-check online


The contractor is Anderson at His Agency type model, it was decided that innovations in the future. With the power that social networks have earned, he invested in a selection of models from the online edition for the year 2020 in the competition-The model way, it is for new talent that is ready to be in the market, the advertising and the fashion industry.

The campaign was common in the days before the situation is referred to as the new coronavirus is more severe, and it is of crucial importance, given the current situation. It is also an opportunity for applicants to apply, without the need to leave home, or to be in contact with other people.

Anderson is responsible for the careers of many top models like Carol Trentini and Alessandra Ambrosio. By 2020, it searches for a cover for his or her personality, without regard to the standards on the industry and marketing and advertising.


The registration is up to 9. June, free of charge, and the virtual world. The candidates for the position should post a video of one minute in the the lining in the Instagram, with the hashtag #THEMODELWAY2020.

They will tell you who you are, with the help of information such as age, place of residence, talents, gifts, and all other data that you want to add. Then just select the profile from the model. Once you do this, the the postit is necessary to fill out a form and wait for the result of the examination.

The only requirement is to be at least 15 years old. There is no restriction in size or weight. “The diversity came up, and it is for this reason, we must look, for all the people who want to log in, no standards,” said Baumgartner, the profiles of the candidates.

To learn more, please follow the profile of the column, on Instagram.



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