Geisy Arruda, she comes to lingerie, and his butt on the click a hot


Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda PHOTO: playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda You can do it on Friday (11.), the warmer-than-normal. The muse warms the atmosphere in the stories of the post with a click of a lingerie encaixadinha, spread butt in a click.

The tool in question, and the answer is a fan of rent the praise of the muse. “Take good care of your butt? It is beautiful”he said. “She doesn’t complain about”notthe star, who has denied said, the case with the speaker.

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In an interview with the evening of the SHOW, Geisy said, if you are in the last 10 years, and has been harassed by pupils from the school and if you dress up, which is short for the class. “Each and every time. There is a feeling of weakness, because I was created, as to lose all meaning. Six of the police officers, I had to go there“.

Also on the attraction, she talked about her bisexuality. “Either a person of me as a woman. But as of late I am getting a lot of women“You said that more than 1.3 million followers on the social networks.

Geisy Arruda (
Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/ Instagram)



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