How strong Cabinet altered in Fortnite from 1 season? Which Version is the best?


Fortnite is constantly changing, this is true as well, and the Gameplay, the items available, as well as in the game menu.

Mode Battle Royale in Fortnite almost 3 years, has changed during this time, a lot of. Including UI, i.e., the interface of the game. The community is a reminder of how it looked earlier and how greatly changed, at least in the closet..

Epic at some point every Minute of it changed practically. The final Version is dramatically different from what was in the beginning.

Cabinet in Fortnite once and now

The first Cabinet was rather poor. Usually contain four Windows to choose from. The player can Banner, cover, Parasailing and pickaxe. At the time, nobody even thought about emotkach, backpacks, or painting. In the course of time, everything began to change.

Each Cabinet is a further step up now. Currently, we have the ability to the settings of the drawing, Graffiti, Emoticons, loading screens and even the Skins, effects, fall, hang gliders, Picks, backpacks. There is also the possibility of the preservation of the own rates.

Interesting how it will develop further. In the files there is information about the possible settings of the own busa combative, but it is not known about too much. Maybe it is still a possibility, but maybe Epic just a little test.



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