Is filtered the entire conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, proving that the husband of Kim Kardashian is


Taylor Swift become, more than ever, in front of all these people trying to sink your career. One of the episodes, black-and-lived-the singer ‘Lover’ was campaign of ostracism by the Kardashian family, the impaired, the mentally and led her to leave the social networks for a while.

After that, she returned with a theme that the whole thing was a statement of intent ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. All this made them stronger and came back, and warns that the old Taylor was dead. Why?

Seeing you in 2016

In 2016, Taylor Swift and Kanye West are arguing. The wife of the reapero, Kim Kardashiana released in your account of Snapchat alleged phone call among the singers, where Taylor gave his consent to Kanye you use these letters in your theme’s ‘Famous’: ‘I have the feeling that Taylor and I we have sex’.

Kim called ‘snake‘Taylor, because she tried in theory to this conversation, the young man had given their consent. But Taylor claims that at no point was he had communicated, the iban call ‘bitch’what seemed to be a lack of respect.

The filtration

Four years later came to light, the phone call complete, without the assumptions sections, edited, made public, Kim Kardashian. It is not clear the origin of this video is running around Twitter.

In the video you can see how Kanye West said Taylor takes 8 months and mulling over this line of the song:”He has disputed a number of very at the beginning of the song about you,” says West. Taylor asks you if you believe that you can harm to what does not respond to the rapper.

In addition, it is clear, as the singer of ‘Famous’ it costs him the letter and try to delay everything, what is possible: “Say, uh… and it’s funny, when I played for the first time my wife heard it, she was like,” Huh? What, this is crazy,’ and then, when the ninjas hear The Atwoord, he is my God, it was like, ‘Oh, this is crazy shit, that’s why I love Kanye… and now the favorite of my wife… I want to give Only a prerequisite wanted.”

According to the letter, the is listening to: all my friends from the South that get to know me better, I feel that Taylor Swift needs to me sex”. The singer laughs when she heard this, and says: “That’s not bad”.

Kanye justifies the call and said that you have a legion of two thousand and millions of fans behind her and it would be good if you like the theme, what to recognise publicly, by more audienceIf the heating, which is funny and cool and hip-hop, and the heating is on the College dropout and Ye, what you like, the people would be very hidden in him, and that’s why I think it’s great that you say that, ‘Oh, I like this song… this is cool'”.

The last thing you hear before the video is finished, Taylor Swift, and she asked time to think about: “I have to think about it.If you need something for the first time, to think about it, because it is absolutely crazy…”

In any moment, Kanye mentioned that you are calling ‘bitch’ to Swift or to say that thanks to him became famous. In fact, in another clip, the moves by the networks, you can hear that Taylor has sold him 7 million copies on their album.

The fans have to dump Taylor Swift-representation of this trending topic #Kanye West Isover party and #TaylorToldTheTruth to claim that the singer always said the truth and nobody believed him.