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Is to make sure that Beyoncé is the mother of Solange Knowles and not her sister!


In the Internet there are a lot of strange theories about celebrities, but there is one that you use, especially often in the last time, is that this account of the mother with the statements of a person in proximity to its protagonists, the American R&B Beyoncé Knowles, who is insured, as Long as her sister always said.

The rumor comes from an employee of Columbia Records, he from the vicinity of the singer, in addition to ensuring that you lied to him, the world in terms of their age, because while you have your life insured, born in 1981, while in 1986, this man insists that Bey was born in 1974 and gave birth at the age of 12 years.

“The exact date of the birth of Beyoncé the 9/4/1974 is.I saw a photo of your driver’s license that I asked in the computer of my superiors once I like. Beyoncé, the mother of a teenager who doesn’t know who the father is, as Long as it was”said the man.

More interesting is the alleged employees of Columbia threw is that the group ” Girls Tyme, precursos of destiny’s Child, was active during the 80’s and not 90 as assure.

“Prior to the introduction of Destiny’s Child, Girls Tyme, a new group of R&B, swing, hip-hop, played by Beyonce was when she was a little girl in the middle of the 80-ies. Not in the mid-90s, only the birthdays of the members. She was a member of Tyme Girls, and was built in 1975. Then you say to me that someone who in 1993, at the age of 18 years, dancing was on for 11 years. Something is not right with this”.

“The premium of Bee, said to me, as Long as she is really the daughter of Beyonce, told me in confidence, after the subject came up of teenage pregnancies. She’s not sarcastic, so I doubt that you invented, something so scandalous on your own premium. Do you remember my words, one day you will tell the truth”, he said.



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