‘It was very painful, I feel so ashamed of my body’


To know, the personality, the so-groundbreaking Miley Cyruswho would say that you have uncertainty? If there is something that is characteristic for the singer, who wasted an incredible force, and it does not seem to have a complex. However, it is also a man is and in the last few years has lived a difficult time in which you have confidence in yourself lost. Apparently, it all started at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, as he one of his performances controversy, together with the singer Robin Thicke. “I was two or three years, without me in shorts. I let myself skirts on stage… and all this was because according to the VMA, and my beautiful ensemble nudeall of them began to compare with a Turkey”.

Miley Cyrus talks about her insecurities over her bodyVIEW GALLERY

He was so thin and so pale… , “said Miley in their networks in a direct, he shared with the singer Demi Lovato. “I felt so bad with myself that I don’t have a bikini for two years. No one thought that all this, and I would in no way (…) May be the meme, very funny, but can also be very painful,” she said, ensuring that “if it makes you so much fun”. “People were making all these jokes, and for me it was a Wake-up call to what I have in my reach for a higher purpose. It was then, when I started, the Foundation of the Happy Hippie, because I needed something bigger than this industry, which makes me feel so bad to myself”.

The singer ensures that the lived on what in to shaped that time of your life and he realized that could or would continue to do so. “I believe that I was 21 years old, I began to understand myself as an independent person and it was very painful, I feel so ashamed of my body. Really my personal life touches. My seal was not sorry for what I’m doing, and be sure of myself, so that’s the worst thing you could do, for my fans mentirles or a fraud,” said Miley, that he will make you talk to me honestly, that never and their complexes. “Me di account that you are trying, you are the most beautiful girl was safe on the planet is actually a jokebecause in truth, I felt so bad that not even could wear a bathing suit or shorts. And if I have to with tights or stockings, put me in four pairs, because I was very insecure”.

Miley Cyrus talks about her insecurities over her bodyVIEW GALLERY

Now, seven years later, it seems that the singer has confidence in herself and no longer feels self-conscious about your body. In fact, a few months ago she surprised her fans and released a photo session this impressive, in the went the big guy in the bikini. Miley took advantage of the trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, which he answers with his family, some to haters the insured, which was to thin. To move “always up” or “If you make me think of… him… in my eyes this girl will always find her way“were some of the messages that are published.



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