Jennifer Lopez remembers Selena on the day of the premiere of his film


A day like today, but in 1997 a film came out, I would be the life of Jennifer Lopez because in that movie one of the singers, the most iconic of the period of 90 in Latin America, would be; we speak of Selena Quintanilla, who was two years old.

Thanks to this beautiful reminder in the career of JLO, but tragic for the latino music, the singer and actress asked his followers met you to remember this day, what was the inspiration for many women of the 90s the singer and the success in the United States.

The star shared the stage with Shakira in the Super Bowl LIV, where was the petition in the social networks, in addition to the hashtag #celebrating Elena came, why he wanted his fans to remember at this time, particularly in his career. Also a video, where he talks a little bit about the excitement, represented in the film.

Farewell to Selena

In 1995, the unexpected happened, the murder of the singer, entrepreneur, model and fashion designer in the hands of one of those, the outside of their employee for some time. Newspapers, magazines and news page 31. in March of 1995, became paralyzed, and in point 12 of the day; when word got around that Selena had been murdered in a motel to the outside of the authority of your business for some time.

The next day, the Newspapers suggested that the fight between the two women were a couple of financial documents, the boutiques, the drove to Saldivar; not the documents, the former employee of Selena pulled out a revolver Taurus calibre 85 and if the singer is trying to decided to flee Saldivar, pull the trigger and so, the killing of the star of the moment in the United States of America the Kingdom ofs, in Mexico and throughout Latin America.



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