Leaked new, flying Board in Fortnite. For what is used?


One of the players found the Board, which was introduced in the files already some time ago.

One of the most interesting vehicles we saw in the history of Fortnite was deskolotka. You type it in the Update 7.40. It removes you from the game in a Patch, 11.00, and since then, nobody has heard from her.

Now, in the files your sister found. With the first information followed, that is the successor to deskolotni. Nothing of it.

New Board in Fortnite

The Board carries the title “Test glider”, is the predicted already that it is a question here about lotnię. It is likely, a Test object that was used to test the new type, hang gliders. Of course, Fortnite and not be. How it looks in the game?


A little, like any other lotnia, to you, only without any textures. It is only the Board without anything is. It seems, however, that one day we can see her in the store. Especially because he already has some specific forms. In the case when the items of the test does not care too much, to have the Board recalled the plate. As well, it could be a rectangle.



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