Murilo Bencio, appears for the first time, on the side of the young woman


The actors Murilo Bencio was shot and killed this morning (24.) for the first time alongside his new girlfriend Manuela Dias. For the record, the couple was posted on Instagram of the tv host, Regina Cas, on the feast of the aniversrio of the work of the architect Miguel Guimares, the husband of Paula, a Marine, was the heritage of the group in the world.



Murilo bustamante and the relationship between the musicians on the left side and the courtship of the public, and only very few clicks of the mouse, together they appear. The two of them came into production in the next novel, the love of the nine’, ‘Me’. Manuela playwright and the author of the story, will debut in the year 2020.

After the breakup of a relationship of 7 years, Débora Falabella, in may of this year, there were more notcias about the personal life of Murilo Bencio.

The actor is known for involvement with peers in the scene, such as, for example, in the case of Débora Falabella on the ‘Avenida Brasil’ Giovanna Antonelli, Alessandra Negrini, Carolina, and York, and the National crisis was in the other novels.

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