Rihanna moves have released new details about his tenth album, and ninth


Rihanna-to-point-take your new album is a fact, but now, surprised, revealed new details about his tenth album. If, as you read it, the ninth disc and important information on the following was not published,it is the tenth Studio album of their career.

Three years have passed since the release of their last album, ‘Anti’ and now in an interview ‘Vogue’ the singer has admitted that she was already almost finished with his ninth album, but has it all, reveals secrets, is your tenth album.

On his next album, Rihanna has admitted that is inspired by the reggae. “Reggae is in my blood. No matter how far or how long I’m away from this culture or my environment, I grew up with. It never goes away”. Although there is still no release date, will soon see the light.

In addition to the destruction of this record, the singer has assured that “already in the age of discovery” their tenth album. “In this time we have put us into the studio to two other works of art. One would be inspired by the songs with which I grew up. And the other hand, the development went, what I want with the music”.

But not only through your music headlines, Rihanna this week, the artist can no longer from today. First of all, your support for the fight against cancer. Secondly, by its refusal to participate in the ‘Super Bowl’. “Who wins? Not my people. It could not be sold”. Not least through the publication of his autobiography. This book bears the name of the singer, and you don’t have sites less than 504, on which we first-hand the life of Rihanna, but the eye, because costs 140€.

Without a doubt, now there is no one you Rihanna.



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